11 Health Benefits of Drinking Water

It is a fact that water plays a major role in our lives as our planet, our own body system and many other things are composed of water. In spite of the fact that water is a tasteless liquid we do love it and find it immensely satisfying to drink it on a hot day. The fact is not only water a great thirst quencher, here are some Health Benefits of Drinking Water.

Health Benefits of Drinking Water

  1. Weight reduction: One of the liquids we can consume as much as we want without worrying about weight gain is water. In fact it can help you lose weight by flushing out your system, keeping it clean and reducing appetite. Drinking water at regular intervals helps a lot with weight management.
  2. Helps with slowing aging: It is true! Water is so good for the skin that it hydrates it and keeps it glowing and best of all wrinkle free. As you grow older the water content in skin tends to go down keeping yourself hydrated from within will really help slow down the process of aging. But make sure that you consume water in pure form not as part of other things like coffee or cola which can dehydrate.
  3. Fights skin problems: The best way to keep skin problems like spots, eczema, psoriasis and other problems is to keep the system clean by drinking adequate water
  4. Makes you smarter: Water is essential for all tissues including brain and this means that keeps you smarter and improves you energy levels. On the whole it is good for mind and body
  5. Detoxifies: Water tends to flush those irritable and harmful toxins from the body and keeps your body clean of waster matter. Even the heart benefits from the drinking of water as it has to make less effort to send fresh oxygenated blood to organs in the body
  6. Reduces risk of heart attack: Studies have proven that water also helps you become heart healthy. People who substitute water for other drinks like tea, beverages, coffee and milk will help you become heart healthy
  7. Pain management: Water is also effective in ensuring that pains are kept at bay. Body aches and headaches may occur due to lack of liquid in the body and consumption of water helps in relieving this problem.
  8. Improves metabolism: With regular drinking of water you will be boosting your digestive system. Food digests better and your system gets cleansed easily which is great for good stomach health and overall well being
  9. Helps with immunity: By consuming plenty of water you will also be able to fight off ailments like stones in the kidney, resisting the flu and other related problems. For additional benefits you could add some lemon extract to the water for cleansing and fortifying the immune system
  10. Helps combat the occurrence of cancer: Research has pointed out that by drinking water you can help in keeping cancer of the bladder and colon
  11. Neutralizes PH levels: The body of human beings require a certain PH level and consuming water helps with this

Taken from every point of view drinking water is really good for the body. You can keep your body cooler and also keep dehydration at bay by simply reaching for that glass of water. We all have to agree that water is the cheapest and the most effective way to keep the body healthy and keep several ailments at bay. So, why not start a resolution today to make water your favorite drink? This could be the first step to looking, feeling and being healthy.

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