Suffering From Iron Deficiency Anemia? Then Try These Home Based Remedies!

Anemia or iron deficiency is something that comes about due to lack of the right amount of the iron element in blood. This could occur due to lesser number of red blood cells or due to lack of hemoglobin pigment in the blood. This is the pigment that aids in binding oxygen to red blood cells and keeps the supply of oxygen to lungs going. The consistency of the hemoglobin pigment will depend on the extent of iron that your body has or that you ingest as part of the diet you eat.

In case there is an indication of anemia or iron deficiency, do have a discussion with your healthcare professional about supplements and medicines. You will need to start thinking of getting sufficient iron in your diet on a daily basis, which will increase iron levels in the blood. You can find foods like meats, whole grains, and vegetables to be good in adding iron to the blood.

Some of the most common symptoms of anemia could be feeling faint or dizzy, experiencing shortness of breath, feeling tired, getting headaches, getting chest aches, and cold feet and hands.

In This Article, You Will Find Some Pointers On Having Relief And Probable Cure From Your Anemia Or Iron Deficiency Right At Home:

Eat plenty of iron : You will need to make sure that your diet has the right amount of iron as the lack of iron which is the main reason for anemia. Taken to a severe level of deficiency, the lack of iron can cause really bad results. You will need to talk to your healthcare professional about the addition of supplements to make for the lack of iron. Once your body has the right amount of iron, you will feel better.

Take an Epsom salt bath: You can take a bath in an Epsom bath for about a quarter of an hour to see some relief from anemia. You can also soak your feet in Epsom salt-enhanced water and the seepage of this salt into your blood via the skin can help in dealing with the effects of anemia.

Indulge in cold baths: If you are having blackouts as well as weakness due to anemia, then a cold bath will help you. This will bring the blood pressure back to normal levels and keep you from fainting due to the effects of anemia.

Go for body massages: The regular massages on the body will aid patients having anemia as it normalizes the flow of blood. You could go for massages to the hands, feet, arms to get relief from the effects of anemia.

Some diet related tips:

Consume about two-three apples on a daily basis: Diet has proven to be good when dealing with anemia and you will find that apples are full of iron. When you consume about two or three apples daily, this will bring the count of iron in your body up. What is more, apples also have plenty of vitamins which help in general health and also help in dealing with low blood pressure that occurs due to anemia.

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