6 Ways to Relieve Headache with Acupressure

Headache is a very common ailment among the human beings. Almost every person suffers from headache in their daily life. Actually due to irregular lifestyle nowadays headache is a very common problem. There are many causes of headache and it is classified into two categories one is Primary causes and another is secondary causes. Mostly we people use pain killers available in the market to get relief at that time. But according to medical experts, consuming too much pain killer is not at all a healthy issue for us. Pain killers have side effect that affects us. So we recommend you to try for some natural ways that will help you to get relief from headache. Among them acupressure is a very effective one. Acupressure works miraculously on headache and gives us a great relief. But before going with this process we should have a clear idea about this therapy. We have tried to give a brief description of acupressure and the ways of getting relief from headache using it.

About Acupressure:

Actually acupressure is a very ancient alternative therapy used to cure various types of diseases. It is quiet similar to acupuncture. The concept of acupressure is based on the life energy which flows through the ‘meridians’ of the body. External pressure is given in the meridians to the specific acupressure points to remove the blockages of meridian. Mainly Hands, elbow and various types of devices are used to apply the pressure. Although medical science says that it can’t cure any diseases fully but can give a temporary relief to the patient. It is said that acupressure therapy has originated from Tibet many many years ago but now very popular all over the world. But if it is done in a proper process you will be surely getting some relief. So find any acupressure expert and try to learn this therapy as it will not take much time of yours.

6 Ways to relieve headache by acupressure1
Ways to Relieve Headache:

1. Take the base of the skull. You will be getting some primary muscles for the head and neck. Now once you have got it tilt your head backwards and press upward in a circular motion.

2. This is probably the easiest process. You can do it anywhere anytime. Just you will need few minutes of time and a pen. So if you have these two things with you go on with the process, Take your right thumb and from the back side of the pen press gently the tip of the thumb. You will notice that after few seconds or minutes your headache is getting down. But this process doesn’t works every time you do.

6 Ways to relieve headache by acupressure3

3. Lay on a bed or a chair close your eyes and apply gentle pressure on between the eyebrow, which is just the beginning of the nose. Instantly you will get a magical relief. Repeat this process for some time. This area is just above the facial sinuses which can give you a great sigh of relief. If you can’t you can also say somebody to help you to apply the pressure.

4. You will see that there is a meaty soft part between the thumb and index finger. Have you ever imagined that this part can give you relief from headache? Yes it’s possible in acupuncture. Slightly stretch your thumb and index finger apart. Now hold the fleshy part between these two fingers with the opposite hand’s thumb and index finger and then lightly pinch this part. You will notice improvement in your headache. Continue this process for some minutes.

6 Ways to relieve headache by acupressure4

5. You already know that temple is a very sensitive area of your body as it has many sensitive muscles passing through this area. Gently hold the temples on both sides of your head and apply pressure with thumb and other fingers. This is very effective if done in a correct way.

6. This is a bit awkward process and probably you can’t do it in your work place. Actually it needs to be seated in a flat surface with your legs straight. Now hold the place just between the big toe and second toe. Move your finger 1 inch down and start pressing it with your fingers. This spot is very sensitive for your headache.

6 Ways to relieve headache by acupressure2

It is sure that any of the process will obviously work with your headache. Acupressure is a very scientific and logical alternative therapy. The main fact is that you have to do it correctly. If your headache continues for few days then immediately you should consult with your doctor. As headache can also be a symptom of various other diseases.


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