Do These Ten Exercises To Get Thighs That Are Skinnier

When it comes to women and their bodies, they always have regions that they are never happy about. The top of these being the belly area followed closely by the thighs. The fact is that this area cannot be spot reduced but you can work towards developing leaner muscles in a particular area. This means combining a healthy diet and going through some specific exercises. Here we give ten exercises that will work on toning those legs. These go beyond the normal workouts and ensure better thighs. Remember to do these ten exercises without a break to start with. Then repeat the whole thing a couple of times for at least 3-4 times a week.

gate swings

Gate Swings: This one is good for warming up, activates, and stabilizes muscles apart for working on the inner thighs.

How: Stand on left leg with hands clasped behind head, bend right knee, swing leg up and across the body with the right foot flexed. Do not put the right food down and swing the right leg to the right side. Do this 10 times and then do it on the other foot too.

side lunge sweep

Side lunge sweep: These are good for toning the thigh area on the whole.

How: Stand with feet together with hands on hips. Make a wide step to the left and lunge lower by bending left knee and pushing hips backward. Push through left heel and stand again by crossing the left leg in the front of the body without touching floor. Do this 15 repetitions with the left and then the right leg.

sumo squat

Sumo squat: These are good for toning the inner thighs and makes your muscles to work harder.

How: Stand with feet together with the toes and knees turned out at a 45 degree angle. Take a wide step using right foot and squat as low as is possible for you. Keep back straight, drop the hips lower and reach the arms towards the floor in the front. Stand up by sliding your right foot into the left by squeezing the legs together until heels are touching and reach arms overhead. Step back into squat with left leg and do this 20 times by alternating the legs.

chair pose close

Chair Pose Close: This one works on the legs from many angles.

How: Get into pose with hands on hips and feet together. Lower into a narrow squat bending knees and pushing hips backwards. Hold the squat on the right side, while extending your left leg to the side with pointed foot. Lift the pointed leg off the ground and bring to the body front while squeezing inner thighs till the knees touch. Hold for a count and lower the left leg back to side. Repeat ten times then on one side and then the other.

side shuffle switch

Side Shuffle Switch: Increase heart rate and tightens the thigh muscles.

How: Stand with feet together and arms by sides. Move to right side with three steps and lift left knee up and move right arm frontwards. Then reverse the shuffle and land with right knee up, the left knee bent and the right arm forward. Repeat 20 times by alternating.

Low Lunge with Isometric Adduction

Low Lunge with Isometric Adduction: This not only works on thigh muscles and engages the rest of the body.

How: Stand with feet together and arms by side. Take a wide step forward with right foot and get into deep lunge pose. Place the hands on the floor in the inside of the right foot. Press right knee to the outside of the shoulder. Squeeze and hold for 10 counts. Release and back to original position. Do three sets with both legs.

Attitude to Side Extension

Attitude to Side Extension: This helps in toning the legs and controlling the motion of the legs.

How: Stand on right leg, right knee bent, hands on hips. Lift left leg by bending left knee and lifting it across the body. Turn the left heel as you left then open the left leg to the side of your body by extending the leg fully. Do this 15 times with both legs.

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Weighted Inner-Thigh Lift: This adds an extra challenge to the core using bodyweight.

How: Lie on the right side with right elbow bent below the shoulder and left hand behind the head. Extend legs out and bend left knee to the ceiling, place left foot on the inside of the right knee. Hover the right leg off the ground with foot flexed. Engage inner thigh to lift right leg higher. Slowly lower the leg and repeat 15 times and then do the same on the other side.

Kneeling Adduction

Kneeling Adduction: This adds resistance to gravity and challenges the thighs.

How: Get on hands and knees with palms on ground, shoulder width apart. Without changing the lower back pose, raise the right leg and bring it under torso by crossing it front of left knee. Turn right knee to the side and put the right foot on the ground on the outside. Squeeze thighs as you life the right knee off the ground while keeping the right foot on the ground. Lower the knee and repeat 15 times on both the legs.

Side Plank Lift

Side Plank Lift: This one works on your lower body as well as core and arms.

How: Lie on right side and prop torso on the right arm, palm on the floor. Extend right leg and point toes. Bend the left knee and step the left foot on the ground behind the right leg so that the hips stack in plank position. Shift weight to left leg so that right toe is touching the ground slightly. Squeeze thighs together and lift right leg to meet left knee. Hold for a count and lower. Do 15 repetitions on both legs.

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