Ten Awkward Health Issues That You Will Hesitate To Tell Your Doctor

As we all know, going to see your doctor can be an awkward thing for most of us in most cases as the doctor is privy to your body. It is bound to make you feel a bit embarrassed about the situation in any case. However, there are some weird health conditions that will make you feel shier than usual about discussing these with your doctor. Oddly, these are the very things that will benefit when you get help from your doctor.

awkward problems itch in the crotch

Itch in the crotch area: This could start of something that was mildly irritating to begin with but soon it will be a problem that will drive you crazy. What is more, when you look at the area closely, you will find that the skin has become red and is also oozing. Sometimes the skin can become crusty too. When this happens, you need to see the doctor immediately. The jock area itch is also called tinea cruris and can occur due to reasons that include friction, moisture, heat and also fungal growth. This can spread fast to nearby areas and when not treated can also turn into more serious problems. Though mostly men get this problem, it does not mean women cannot get it.

Sagging sexual appetite: Most people assume that intercourse is an enjoyable activity, a belief that is reinforced by what is shown in media. That is why any waning of appetite in this area can be something that you may find difficult to discuss with your doctor. In this case, we are not just talking about dryness in the genital area or erectile dysfunction, which is considered normal but a lack of a interest in sex on the whole. Some of the reasons for this happening could be due to stress, use of medication, alcohol or drug abuse, being overweight or due to an imbalance in hormones. You may need to explore physical and mental reasons for this happening along with your doctor.

awkward problems  bad breath

Breath that smells bad: In many cases the eating of certain foods that have a strong smell can be the cause of stinky breath but this goes away once the offending food item has been processed by the body, In some cases it could be an indication of some form of gum or cavity disease.

Scars that are inflicted by self: Some people tend to inflict injuries on themselves to cope with situations that they cannot control. This could continue even after the bad situation has passed. You will need to consult a doctor to discuss the treatment of the skin as well as the underlying reasons. A doctor will not only help you with repairing the scars and damage to the skin but also help you deal with the issue on the whole.

awkward problems talk to doctor

Addiction or substance abuse: It is very easy to not let your doctor find out about problems in this regard unless you visit the doctor under the influence. As you may have noticed, people with such problems are pretty good at hiding it. However, you will be doing yourself a big favor by taking up this matter with your doctor as this could be the first step in curing yourself of the addiction.

Blood in stools or urine: Many people find it really difficult to talk about body wastes and this is one of the reasons that they find mentioning blood being discharged in the urine or stools so difficult to talk about. But this is something that you need to talk to the doctor about so that they can investigate the matter further, run tests if required and help you in getting to the root of the problem. Once this is done they can prescribe the right treatment. This is very important because in some cases the situation can become really serious before help is sought.

awkward problems about STDs

Sexually transmitted conditions: To talk to your doctor about anything that comes under the purview of sex can seem awkward and when it is to do with diseases that are transmitted sexually, then it can be really embarrassing. However, if you do not such conditions you are causing yourself and your partner much harm and in the case of diseases like syphilis, it can even damage other organs. In some cases like HIV, the matter needs to be attended to at once.

Things stuck in odd body parts: Sometimes it could happen due to some unfortunate incidents or even due to curiosity that an object may get stuck in an awkward place. Talking about this to the doctor would mean explaining things but it is imperative that you do so to prevent further harm by attempting to right things on your own.

awkward problesm hemarroids

Hemorrhoids: These can make things so tough that you will be wincing every time you try to sit. This could taken on the form of an external growth or sometimes it is not. However, just because it is odd to mention it to a doctor does not mean you do not talk about it. If left unattended it could lead to a lot of discomfort and in some cases, they could lead to other more serious problems.

Yeast Infection: These occur due to fungi and are present in the vagina multiplying at times to cause problems. Do not hesitate to discuss this with your doctor as it can become quite an irritant. The process of examination could be somewhat awkward but do not let this deter you from getting it checked.

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