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Some Tips For Women To Avoid Toxic Relationships

Some Tips For Women To Avoid Toxic Relationships

Everybody talks about poor food habits creating toxicity in a woman’s life but did you know that being in a toxic relationship can also be as bad if not more? People today are more and more aware of health as a concept thereby attention to proper nourishment and nutrition along with a return to the

11 Best Cancer Hospitals Across The Globe

For almost the past hundred years, cancer is seen to become more complicated and full of weird complications to become a danger to people of all levels. Hospitals undertaking the treatment of cancer also undertake research so that better ways of dealing with the disease can be found. The fact is today, cancer happens to

10 Foods that Reduce Risk of Cancer

There are many articles, books and publications that tell you that they have they secret of defeating cancer. But if it were that simple then nobody should have cancer by rights. The fact is there are some foods that can help you lower the risk of getting cancer. This is positive news, but it still