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Soda, Tea and Coffee: Which can lower your Bone Density

Soda, Tea and Coffee: Which can lower your Bone Density

Mostly we all drink tea, Coffee and Soda in our daily life. But you ever imagined that drinking these all substances can lower your bone density? Yes scientists are saying that there is a possibility of lowering your bone density from drinking these substances. Many detailed researches have proved that there are many biological evidences

10 Health Benefits of eating Shrimp

This article is all about an interesting food Shrimp. Shrimp is said as a very interesting food because it contains a lot of protein, cholesterols but a very negligible amount of Calorie. So always it can be a great diet option for the people tending to lose their fat and become slim and fit. As

10 Health Risks of Smoking Hookah

Hookah is a very famous addiction around the world. Some people regularly smoke hookah again some smoke occasionally. It has different names varying around the world like Shisha, Narghile, Goza etc. Actually Hookah is made with a strange mechanism. A long water pipe with a smoke chamber, a Pipe, a hose and a bowl. The

10 Health Benefits of Zucchini

If you are looking for any vegetable that will be suitable for your weight loss diet and will have a lot of health benefits undoubtedly Zucchini is one of the best choice. Zucchini is a great vegetable with lot of health benefits and a very few disadvantages in it. Zucchini can be classified into various

10 Black Mold Health Risks and Effects

Black mold is very common for the places where the relative humidity is above 50%. Black mold is greenish black fungi found almost worldwide. Normally it grows in materials which are high in cellulose such as straw, dry wall, wet leaves, Carpets, wall papers, fiber board etc. Black molds are actually wet in nature and

25 Health Tips To Keep You Healthy In Summer

When it is hotter outside, somehow things look easier even then there is no change in life as such. Even grownups with responsibilities seem to let loose during this period of time. Here are some tips to make sure that you are also working on improving your health while you enjoy the warmth: Have a

30 Best Health and Fitness Apps

We are a generation of people that love and adore our phones. We use them for a lot of things like communication, music, entertainment, shopping and even clicking pictures. Now you can even use your phone to stay fit with the help of some great mobile applications. Here is a list of applications that are