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Soda, Tea and Coffee: Which can lower your Bone Density

Soda, Tea and Coffee: Which can lower your Bone Density

Mostly we all drink tea, Coffee and Soda in our daily life. But you ever imagined that drinking these all substances can lower your bone density? Yes scientists are saying that there is a possibility of lowering your bone density from drinking these substances. Many detailed researches have proved that there are many biological evidences

When to use Heat and Ice for Pains

Pains are very common in our life. Almost every person suffers from various types of pain in their regular life. But sometimes it remains unnoticed because of mild in nature. Actually when a pain gets a serious situation then we notice it. No need to say any type of pain is very irritating as well

10 Health Risks of Smoking Hookah

Hookah is a very famous addiction around the world. Some people regularly smoke hookah again some smoke occasionally. It has different names varying around the world like Shisha, Narghile, Goza etc. Actually Hookah is made with a strange mechanism. A long water pipe with a smoke chamber, a Pipe, a hose and a bowl. The

10 Black Mold Health Risks and Effects

Black mold is very common for the places where the relative humidity is above 50%. Black mold is greenish black fungi found almost worldwide. Normally it grows in materials which are high in cellulose such as straw, dry wall, wet leaves, Carpets, wall papers, fiber board etc. Black molds are actually wet in nature and

Tips and Advise for Anyone with Braces

Have you got new Braces recently? Feeling embarrassed with it? Not getting proper idea how to deal with it? Don’t worry anymore. Here are some tips and advice related to braces for you all. Actually at first the braces are very irritating and painful. But it not a tough deal to control it. Actually it

10 Ways to Prevent Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is mainly caused by eating unhygienic foods. Food poisoning can make your health condition very serious and can even lead to death. Actually a food can get unhygienic during the manufacturing process. People thinks that most of the time food poisoning is caused from the foods served at restaurants, fast food outlets and