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A Set Of 8 Low Impact Exercise To Tone You From Top To Bottom

A Set Of 8 Low Impact Exercise To Tone You From Top To Bottom

You want to have strength training and a body that is toned and sculpted without visiting the gym? Then this is the way to go! These set of low impact exercises that are really effective means that you can workout and stay healthy in an effective and quick manner. Start by warming up for a

11 Ways You can add More to Your Push-Ups

An upper body that is toned and fit is vital for the overall look and health. One of the exercises that really work for this is the push-up. Not only does it tone your torso but also works on the entire core. By adding these variations, you can add more to your push ups The

10 exercises to keep those arms toned and taut

The fact is if you are working on triceps or shoulders or biceps separately, this will add a lot to your exercise routine but doing them in proper sequence will ensure that you have the best arms. Here is how you do it: Curl with weights: This will make you feel very righteous and will

10 Hot And Happening Workouts To Keep You Fit

When it comes to the world of fitness, there are way too many trends that keep coming up. Today, we can almost consider the kind of fitness routine we want to follow as one of the items that can be picked from a menu. But just like menus, some of the names given to these

Seven Exercises To Shape Up Your Legs

Many of us may not be aware of this but you tend to burn the most number of calories when you exercise the legs, This is due to the fact that the legs happen to have the largest muscle groups in the body and this means more energy is required to move them around.  Here

7 Exercises To Round Out Your Butt

Women are always cribbing about not only the size but also the shape of their bums. If you are one of them who feel that a bottom that is fuller and shapelier bum will add to your look, then it is time to change and tweak your exercise routine. These seven steps will give you