Some Home Based Remedies To Manage Low Blood Pressure: Why, When and How?

While people go on and on about high blood pressure and the awareness of high blood pressure is quite widespread, not many people know all the facts about low blood pressure. The fact is that many people across the world have this problem. But since the awareness of low blood pressure is really less, many people do not even know that they are suffering from this condition. Often times when a person starts having the symptoms, they are known to shrug it off as something that happens once and this can sometimes be dangerous. Being dizzy or feeling really ill can be a problem in the sense that it is the sign of something deeper. It could be a problem with the cardiac area or the endocrine system or could be indicative of problems in the neurological systems.

Having low pressure to a severe extent will block the oxygen and also vital nutrients along with it from moving and reaching the brain. That is also one of the reasons that one should not take low blood pressure in a lighter vein.

What could be causing of low blood pressure?

There may be many reasons that could result in you suffering from a condition where you have low blood pressure.

Loss of water or dehydration: One of the reasons could be that you have not been consuming as much water as you need to. There are some circumstance where you need to drink more water or you could be the type of person who gets dehydrated quite easily and in such cases you need to watch out. If your profession dictates that you work outdoors then you are well advised to drink fluids like lemon juice. This will keep the weakness from overwhelming you and manage the situation better.

Being Pregnant: In case you are in the family way or pregnant then the chances are more for your pressure to fall. This is something that happens a lot and is quite normal. But you must monitor things and go for a checkup if the condition occurs very often , which can be dangerous

Problems with the heart: People having cardiac related problems could also have low blood pressure. This could occur because the circulation of blood in the body could be poor due to the heart problem.

Some deficiency in terms of essential nutrients: Some times the dearth of essential vitamins like the B-12 or less iron could result in the person becoming anemic. This in turn will cause the problem of low blood pressure.

Heart issues: Some heart problems could cause blood in your body to not circulate properly.

Deficiency in nutrients: A lack of some vital vitamins such as B-12 and iron can lead to anemia, which in turn can result in low blood pressure.

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