Soda, Tea and Coffee: Which can lower your Bone Density

Mostly we all drink tea, Coffee and Soda in our daily life. But you ever imagined that drinking these all substances can lower your bone density? Yes scientists are saying that there is a possibility of lowering your bone density from drinking these substances. Many detailed researches have proved that there are many biological evidences for this phenomenon. Actually Coffee or Cola contains high amount of caffeine in it which leads to effect on women’s bone and can even lead to Osteoporosis. But in that sense men suffer less from such effect. And the research states that men are almost safe in this regards. So thinking about to know about the detailification of the research? Here we are going to give you an outline idea about the research by which you are going to get a clear conclusion on this matter.

Soda,Tea and Coffee which can lower your bone density1

Possibilities of Connections between Soda, Tea and Coffee with your bone:

Remember a thing that bone is all about calcium. The more we intake calcium rich substances the more our bone becomes healthy. But the research is saying that drinking tea, coffee and soda leads to lowering your bone health by reducing the calcium intake in your body. Actually a survey has been done and it stated that people who drink a lot of coffee, tea and soda doesn’t take the required amount of calcium regularly so as a result the bone health gets affected. Again, Cola contains a high amount of phosphoric acid which trickles out calcium from the bone. But some sodas are there which contains less amount of phosphoric acid so those are quiet safe for intake. And also there are lots of foods we have in our daily life which are very rich in phosphoric acid. Two of such examples are chicken and certain type of cheeses. So you should keep in mind that the drinks which are rich in caffeine contains high amount of phosphoric acid like cola, coffee, black tea etc. but some types of sodas are less in caffeine. So the conclusion is that non cola drinks contain less amount of phosphoric acid. But some research also states that black tea affects less in bone than the other caffeine containing drinks.

Soda,Tea and Coffee which can lower your bone density2


So till now it is not fully clear that caffeine affects bones by lowering its density. But still many scientists are working hard on this matter. But still the fact is that expert medical practitioners say no to caffeine consumption because it has a lot of negative impact on your health. Doctors say that having three to four cups coffee a day that means about 400miligrams a day may be fine for you but not more than that. Again you can hardly take two cans of cola per day but not more than that. So taking more than this amount starts affecting your body and if you can cut the full from your daily then its better enough. But if you have taken a lot of caffeine drinks for a long time then it is your duty to get back that bone health again. So have adequate amount of calcium and Vitamin D which will protect your bone from getting weaker. And obviously do a lot of exercise which will make your bones stronger and reduce the risk of osteoporosis. We are giving a suggestion of some foods which will be really good for you. You can have non-fat milk, yogurt which is very rich in calcium and very good for your health. Again some vegetables like broccoli, kale also serves good. Some cereals are very rich in calcium and you can drink a lot of orange juice.

Soda,Tea and Coffee which can lower your bone density3

So keep yourself healthy by drinking fewer amounts of caffeine related drinks and having calcium rich drinks. Not only the matter of your bone caffeine also puts many hazardous effects on your body such as increasing blood pressure levels, insomnia, indigestion, headaches, reduce fertility in women, allergies and dangerous for type 2 diabetes.

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