The Sociopath Test: Examine Yourself

Sociopath is a critical psychological condition found in humans. It is actually an anti-social personality disorder. Anti-social personality disorder can be classified into many types, two common of them are mainly Psychopaths and Sociopaths. Sociopath is a psychological personality disorder that prevents people from adapting the ethical and behavioral standards of his or her community. People suffering from sociopath become very dangerous. They can commence any type of criminal activities, dangerous cults and even they can harm other humans. If you have any doubt that you are going through such disorders you can make a self test at first before going to a Psychiatrist. Go through step by step as mentioned in the process.

Conversation with the psychologist

First of all we should clearly say that this type of test is not for minors under the age of 18. According to Psychology all the characteristics of Sociopath are not considered in minors. So if you are above 18 years of age then proceed through the test and read the rest article. Secondly it is always recommended to make a diagnosis from a licensed practitioner. It is just a basic test that you can do on yourself. Don’t try this on any other people. Actually the official declaration of sociopath can only be made by a Psychologist.

the sociopath test2

So let’s start the test. Here you will have to answer some questions on your own. I am giving the question serially. Please don’t try to see the answers at first. You will be the only loser in such case. Take a paper and write the answers on it maintaining the serial numbers.

1. Are you too nervous of silly things?

2. Do you think that you are too intelligent?

3. Do you feel Guilty for any wrong work?

4. Are you behaving like anti-social?

5. Do you learn from any old experience?

6. Are you reliable to others?

7. Do you have any sign of irrational thinking?

8. Do you think that you don’t have any feelings towards others?

9. Do you think that you are incapable of love?

10. Are you quiet responsive towards society?

11. Do you make false suicidal threats?

12. Is your sex life very poor and weak?

13. Are you too crazy on a party floor?

14. Are you meditative and have good concentration level?

15. Are you emotional?

the sociopath test3

Now the answers are given below according to serial numbers. If your answers agree with below mentioned answers then you are qualifying toward sociopath. The most answers matching the more you are stepping towards a sociopath.

1. No.
2. Yes.
3. No.
4. Yes.
5. No.
6. No.
7. No.
8. Yes.
9. Yes.
10. No.
11. Yes.
12. Yes.
13. Yes.
14. No.
15. No.

So you are completed with the full test procedure. Now, match the answers with your answer. You will get the sociopath percentage level. If you are positive towards being sociopath then immediately you should consult with a local psychiatrist and otherwise if you are average then you should be cautious towards yourself as now it’s time to control yourself. And if it’s negative then relax out.

the sociopath test4

Keep in mind that there is no proper clinical treatment on sociopath as known. But there are many counseling procedures which should be continued for a long time. Gradually, with proper counseling it starts curing slowly. So it is always suggested to go for a proper psychological counseling.


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