Sample Indian Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss

healthy diet plan for weight loss indian When coming to the fact of India, the first thing that strikes our mind is its Culture. This country is very rich in culture and celebrates a bunch of festivals all around the year. So it is very difficult to maintain perfect body weight in spite of all this things. But still to remain healthy it’s essential to maintain a perfect weight. Actually to maintain a perfect body just only workout is not sufficient. You will have to be quiet concerned about diets. The main issue is to maintain calorie intake to remove extra fat as well as to avoid growing extra fats. Indian foods are very rich in nature as Indians love to use a lot of spices in their food. But still there are many ways by which you can prevent yourself from growing extra fats. Here we will discuss about some foods that will help you to maintain calorie intake.

Indian Balanced Diet Plan for Weight Loss:

1. Green Leafy vegetables: You will be getting a lot of green vegetables in Indian market. Choose such vegetables like spinach, broccoli, kale etc. Spinach is very rich in fiber and low calorie food. But it is very healthy for us as it contains anti-oxidants, water content, minerals, vitamins etc. Try to take spinach meals daily.

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2. Almonds: Almonds are very rich in fiber, folic acid, Vitamin E and mono unsaturated fats. Almonds help your body to control the blood sugar levels which s indirectly related to the accumulation of extra fats in a human body. You can have almond as a snack anytime anywhere. Always keep 10-12 almonds in your pocket.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss2

3. Radish: Radish is a very common vegetable in India. You can also cook various dishes with radish and also you can use it in salad. Radish contains a huge amount of dietary fibers which acts as an anti fat growing substance.

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4. Tomatoes: Indian peoples use this fruit in almost every dish they cook. Even they use it in salad as a raw form. Tomato helps our body to release Cholecystokinin, a hormone which tightens the valves between stomach and intestine. It reduces the blood cholesterol level and puts the blood sugar level in control. Tomato also prevents you from over eating.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss4

5. Cereals and Whole Grains: Cereals and Whole grains are tough to digest so your digestive system has to use a lot of effort to digest it. As a result, it burns a lot of calories in our body and prevents from growing extra fat. In addition they are rich in minerals like Zinc, iron etc.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss5

6. Beetroot: Beet juice is a great energy booster drink which will help you to do workout longer and burn more calories. Beet is also very rich in fiber, folic acid and potassium. It drains all the toxins from our body and helps to detoxify. You can also consume beet leaves.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss6

7. Apples: Apple is a very beneficial fruit and keeps us healthy. It is very famous as a weight losing fruit as it is rich in fibers. You can have apples in many ways in fruit salads, desserts, etc. It takes a lot of time to digest resulting in burning a lot of calories.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss7

8. Cauliflower: The photochemical present in a cauliflower detoxifies our body. It also has many health benefits and very low calorie content. You can have it as a substitute of other foods which are of high calorie content.

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9. Turmeric: Turmeric is a very essential Indian spice. It is used in 95% of Indian cooked foods. Curcumin, a substance found in turmeric helps in preventing deposition of extra fats. Turmeric is also good for many other stomach problems and also it has a lot of other medicinal properties.

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10. Garlic: Garlic serves as a very effective appetite controller. It will prevent you from over eating and the most amazing fact of this vegetable is its Zero Calorie feature. Garlic also stabilizes the blood sugar level and reduces cholesterol levels. It also acts as a cancer fighter and keeps you away from cardio vascular diseases.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss10

11. Banana: Banana serves our body with carbohydrates and provides more energy all around the day. Potassium present in banana helps to control blood sugar levels. Its high fiber presence helps to control appetite. Try to have one or two bananas in breakfast.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss11

12. Pears: Pear is very famous for its presence of high fiber. An average sized pear contains about 5 grams of fiber. So if you can eat this fruit it is going to serve you for a long time. Add it n your fruit salad or have it full.

Sample Indian Balanced Diet for Weight Loss12

All the above food items are easily available all over India. So you will not have to face a lot of hurdles arranging for these food items. Eat these items and do a lot of regular workouts to keep your body fit from all the sides. It will prevent you from growing extra fats and control your calorie intake level. So enjoy these items on your regular diet.


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