20 Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women

Cancer is mainly that form of a disease in which uncontrolled division of cells takes place. I.e. The cells are able to divide in an out of control manner and also make damage to other healthy cells. Let us understand in a better way. Our body is formed of the numerous cells and the growth and development of the body depends upon the pattern of division of cells. Our body cells mainly follow the pattern to grow, divide and die, which is controlled by a regulatory machinery present inside the cell ie. DNA. It works from very preliminary stage when baby is inside the womb, at that time the process of cell division is very rapid in order to give the growth to baby child but after attaining the adult hood it becomes slower just for the replacement of old cells or repair of worn out cells. cancer cells

CAUSE OF CANCER: As the cell growth is regulated by DNA so any modification or damage in the DNA sometimes causes the uncontrolled division of cells. Due to which the cells with damaged DNA keep on divide and takes the form of cancer by making lumps of cells called tumor. This damage of DNA may be inherited from generation to generation or it may also caused due to the exposure of toxins presents in the environment like as the tobacco smoke. cancer

There are two types of tumors’.
1. Malignant tumor
2. Benign tumor

1.Malignant tumor: When the cells divide rapidly in such a way that they keep on forming the lumps of cells and also invade the other tissues and organs of the body, these cells are cancerous in nature and forms the malignant tumor. This type of tumor is life threatening in nature.

2.Benign tumor: When the regular division of cell is restricted to a particular area and does not invade the neighboring tissues and organs.
This type of tumor is not too much life threatening and are curable.

EARLY SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF THE CANCER: Most of the time we are so much busy with our tough routine that we are not able to think about the reason behind the daily fatigue, coughing, pain etc. But you should be careful because these might be the symptoms of developing cancer. signs and symptoms

Most Ignored Cancer Symptoms in Women

1.UNWANTED OR UNEXPLAINED WEIGHT LOSS: If you find that you are going down with your weight in pounds, even with a regular diet then there must be a need to consult your doctor to run some tests for colon, thyroid and other digestive features. Because you might be carrying the symptoms for the colon or digestive cancer. weight loss

2.COUGH AND CHEST PAIN: Sometimes pain in the chest and nearby the area of shoulder with a regular chough may indicate as a symptom of the lung cancer. Coughing in this case resembles the bronchitis. coughing

3.SWALLOWING DIFFICULTY: A regular difficulty in swallowing any fluid or food material may be because of early symptoms of throat or mouth cancer. This is mainly because of consumption of smoke. swallow difficulty

4.CHANGES IN THE NAILS: Any brown marks or dots occurring under the nails may be a reason for the persistence of early symptoms of the dis-functioning of cells in the body. Enlarged fingure ends with pale color of nails should keep in mind for checkup. nails

5.LOWER BACK PAIN: One of the most silently killed feature of liver cancer. It sometimes also develops due to pressing back of the breast cancer. lower back pain

6.SKIN: Keep your skin under your supervision every time whether there are not any types of roughness developing to a particular area with the small waxy lumps or bleeding. So that you can be careful about the skin cancer. bleeding skin

7.SWELLING FACE: One of the most complaint feature by the lung cancer patients. It is because of the small cell lung tumor cause blood vessels blocked near chest region and hindering free flow of blood. sweeling face

8.UNUSUAL HEAVY BLEEDING DURING PERIODS: Endometrial or uterine cancer symptoms can be easily detected if you are facing any such kind of problem during the periods. A trans vaginal ultra sound could be a better choice this time. bleeding

9.BREAST EXAMINATION: Any kind of inflammation, redness, hotness and irritation feeling during the breast examination should be curable under the doctoral examination for breast cancer. breast examination

10.NIPPLES: Any type of unwanted changes in the nipples like as turning of the nipples righways or in upright position, flattening in the shapes, or presence of crusty skin on the nipples should undertake for checkups. diseased nippels

11.STOMACH ACHE: Some time doctors also stay confused primarily for finding any reasons for the stomach ache because they think about the ulcers and later on the colonal cancers are found. stomach ache

12.PELVIC OR ABDOMINAL PAIN: Abdominal pain means a lot of things because some time reproductive disorders or digestive problems too cause this so ask your doctor to examine properly about any kind of reproductive cancer. abdominal pain

13.BLOATING OR ABDOMINAL WEIGHT GAIN: Persistence of ovarian cancer sometimes makes sudden abdominal bloating and continued for long time and then sudden off. abdomianl weight gain

14.WEAKNESS AND FATIGUE: Regular weakness and fatigue may be covering the several types of cancerous symptoms in your body. If there is any sudden change in your health because of these reasons consult to your doctors for body examination. weakness and fatigue

15.WHEEZING AND BREATHING SHORTNESS: The inability to breath may be a symptom for the lung cancer. Smoke consumers are mainly persistence to these kinds of symptoms. breathing inability

16.FEVER: Fever may also be a symptom for the any kind of the cancer persistence inside the body. A regular fever lasting from 7 days should be under the consultation of doctor. fever

17.APPETITE LOSS: Feeling always full from stomach even if you have not take a meal from last long hours. This loose of the appetite may be the symptom for the ovarian cancer. appetite suppressants

18.BLOODY URINE: Presence of blood in the urine too is a big symptom for the colon cancer. A colonoscopy should be there to examine about the cancer. bloody urine

19.SWOLLEN LYMPH NODES OR NECK LUMPS: The enlargement in the lymph node indicates that there is some problem in proper working of the lymphatic system which can be consider as a symptom for the cancer. swoolen lymph nodes

20.NON STOP BLEEDING AND EXCESSIVE BRUISING: Nonstop excess bleeding shows the dysfunction of the platelets and red blood cells of the body which may be a major cause of the leukemia. As well as the bruising can also be observed in fingers, hands or presence of red spots on the face are symptoms of cancer. non stop bleeding

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