Morning Stretches – Five Ways To Do Them

When your morning alarm goes off, the natural inclination is to press the snooze button and catch a few more winks and this can lead to a late start to your day. What if instead of doing that, you were to do some stretches that will only take about ten minutes? It is a simple but very effective way to bring energy to the morning and to ensure that you keep the tensions away or even some stress on your muscles you may have from sleeping in the wrong position. This way you will start the day feeling supple and limber instead of stiff as you may normally do when you do not stretch.

stretching exercises 1

Since there is a lot of debating about whether one should start stretching before one has worked up a sweat, you will need to keep the morning stretches fairly simple. Here we give some simple stretches that will have your morning on the right track. It will simply get the blood flowing and the body primed for what lies ahead in the day.

upward stretch

The stretch upwards: One of the ways to greet the morning is by raising the arms stretching towards the sky to get blood to flow and also to wake the body up. Simply lace the fingers together and raise the hands above the head, keeping the palms facing up. Try to make your spine longer while stretching your arms and ribs. Once you are in the pose where you are elongating your spine, hold the position counting to ten and then include a side stretch into this set as a way of targeting your torso. neck and shoulder stretch

Stretch for neck and shoulders: Doing this will ensure that any tension in the neck and shoulder area that comes when you are sleeping is eased. To ensure that you are stretching the muscles on the right side of the neck, turn the left over to the left shoulder and hold this position for about twenty seconds. Relax for a couple of seconds and then roll the shoulders to the back and then roll it to the front. Then lift the shoulders to the ears while making the muscles tense and then let the shoulders drop fully. Do the whole process thrice to complete the stretch.

reclining spinal twist

Spinal twist in reclining position: This is a good way to ensure that any lower back stress that you may be feeling is eased. You will need to hold the position for about half a minute and try to ignore any cracks that you hear when you twist into this position, though make it a point not to overdo or force anything. This will get the spinal column being wrung after the night’s sleep.

lying side quad stretch

Quad stretch lying on the side: While most folks are habituated to stretching the quads when in a standing position, it is not known to many people that this can be done while lying down. To get the most of your quad stretch, you will need to squeeze the butt while you are actively in the pose. As quads come under the muscles that are used quite a bit, you need to ensure that you do this stretch on a daily basis.

hamstring  stretch

The stretch of the hamstring: This hamstring stretch is going to make you feel amazing especially when you know you can do it without having any apprehensions about toppling. Just ensure that your pelvis is square when you do this. You need to consider this a way to get your legs to wake up than as a way of doing split. And also circle the ankles in both directions.

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