10 Common Misconceptions About Homemade Dog Food

  • The vegetables I add to the dog’s diet will provide many health related benefits: The role that vegetables play in a dog’s diet is being debated. Both sides make strong arguments. But unlike felines, canines can take in some vegetables and this can benefit them.  But then determining what to give and how much is another dilemma. You should keep away from the leafy ones and feed them more of carrots and beans and the like.
  • Dogs do no need carbohydrates: This is wrong and though dogs can get the sugar they need from fats and protein alone, they need complex carbohydrates of energy and digestion.


  • A raw diet is better than one that is cooked:  Though raw diets have become popular due to the fact that dogs belong to the wolves species which lives on raw food, the appropriateness of the diet depends on the nutritional balance
  • Raw diets are not safe: Since the raw diet issue is being debated there are many dog lovers who believe that this is not safe. We can say it all depends on the dog’s need.
  • The diet for dogs of all ages can be same as long as it composed of whole foods: This can be a really dangerous thing to assume. Puppies need more nutrients than grown up dogs and older dogs have different needs

In case you are new to this concept of feeding homemade diets, do take the time to consult, study and find all the information you will need.

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