10 Simple And Easy Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags



What is a skin tag?  Skin tags also known as polyps or papillomas are growths on the surface of the skin that are normally benign. Mostly these growths occur on the neck area, the thigh area, the armpits, the chest area, the nose area and the face area.  Mostly considered pretty harmless they may sometimes be the indication of some underlying health condition.

The thing about skin tags is that they are not good to look at and this may cause the person having them to feel conscious of how the skin tags affect their looks. The good news is that apart from surgery that is used to remove these, there are many simple methods to remove them and that too right at home.

Home Remedies to Remove Skin Tags

We give below some methods that you can try at home to remove skin tags:

Skin tag garlic

  • Garlic: This is an easy yet effective remedy for removal of skin tags. Since garlic is really hot by nature, you need to be careful. Pick up a garlic clove and carefully cut into thin slices. Place on the skin tag and secure with some tape. Leave it on for an entire day by simply replacing the garlic slice once in a while. At bedtime, remove the slice and clean the place. Three days of this treatment should be enough to remove the tag. In
  • Castor oil: This is a good remedy for skin tags; all you need to do is make a thick paste with castor oil and baking soda to apply to the skin tag.  You need to do this thrice in a day and continue this treatment for about 3 weeks for the skin tag to shrink, weaken and fall off.
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