15 Health Foods Under $1

A frequent change in the mood can easily be obtained by a delicious food. But some time the deliciousness of the food becomes too heavy that it lowers down the mood, if the cost of the food becomes high. It is one of the major reasons behind the nutritional insufficiency among the people. As due to the hike in the prices of the food people suffer from the persistence hunger and lack of nutrition. Even with the ups and downs of the prizes there are some of the foods which are easy to carry with budget and fulfill the nutritional demands.

NUTRITIONAL DEMAND: A food must contain all the essential nutrients which are helpful for a healthy body. The main nutrients which are required for the regulation of the various processes are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, sugars, calcium, Potassium, etc.

nutrirnt demand PROTEINS: Proteins are made up of the amino acids. There are mainly 2 types of the amino acids.
1. Essential amino acids
2 .Non-essential amino acids
Total number or amino acids present in our body are 20. Out of these 10 are essential and 10 are non essential amino acids. Non essential amino acids are produced inside the body and the essential amino acids are required for the body by the outer sources like as the food.
BLACK BEANS: black beans are one of the highly nutritious foods. These are rich in the fibers; calcium, potassium, etc. bring the beans in dry state and boil them yourself it will preserve their nutrition as wells as the cancer fighting antioxidants. Bean soup is one of the easy and quick recipes for a nutritious food.
COST: price contains $0.30 cents for serving a ½ cup, about $1 per can.

black beans PEANUTS: These are also known as the ground nuts. Peanuts too full fill the nutritional desire because these are the good source of the vitamin E. niacin, folate, proteins and manganese. These legumes are quite helpful in reduction of the heart disease because of the antioxidants present in them.
COST: $0.50 for a serving of about 1 oz.



EGGS: The protein requirement of the body can be easily filled by the eggs. These are easily available and rich in the proteins content. Adding an egg in the breakfast diet makes a healthy and nutritional breakfast.
COST: $0.19 per egg is too low for the high protein content, about $2 will hardly costs for a dozen of them.


ALMOND: The edible seeds of the almond tree present in the woody shell. These are rich in the vitamin –E, calcium, magnesium and potassium. These are also helpful in incorporation of the proteins and fibers in to body. The low sugar content in them makes it comfortable for regular consumption and diminishes the cholesterol level.
COST: $0.60 is sufficient for serving of 1oz.


OATS: Oats are the better way to recover the energy lost after a hectic schedule. Because oats are rich in essential nutrients, fibers, proteins, and lower fat content. The nutrient profile of the oats shows that oats contains about 80 nutrients.
COST: $0.30 per serving and for one pound $1.


CANNED SALMON: Sea foods are the one of the best substitute for the greater protein content. Salmon is rich in the omega-3- fatty acid. This covers the scarcity of the proteins as well as fatty acid in the body. It is beneficial in regulation of blood pressure, fatigue, prevent from the cardio vascular diseases.
COST: A canned salmon costs $0.75 for per serving. $1.50 per can.


CALCIUM: (DAIRY PRODUCTS): Rich calcium diet is necessary for the development and growth of the body. As calcium plays an important and leading role in formation of the bones. The easy and best sources of the calcium are the dairy products.

dairy products

YOGURT: How to start a morning with a diet rich in calcium and protein? The suitable answer for this question is YOGURT. Just remember about the low sugar and fat in the yogurt otherwise it may increase the risk of increase in fat and cholesterol level in body.
COST: about $1 for per cup of 6 oz.


LOW FAT MILK: milk is one of the best dairy products which are easily available and easy to consume for the age group from younger to older. A glass of milk contains a full calcium diet required for the body. To add the taste in your meal a bowl mix with fruits and milks can give a delicious start.
COST: as per its availability its cost is $0.25 cents per cup, about $4 for per gallon.

milk COTTAGE CHEESE: It is a delicious diet with a little flavor in it. This diet is high in protein and calcium. It is easily available and easy to make even at home. It is always great in dishes with both sweet and savory tastes. As the milk it is also available in the full fat, low fat and fat free qualities. It can be also added as toppings.
COST: The cost of ½ cup of cottage cheese is about $0.88.

cottage cheese FRUITS: Fruits are the edible fleshy part of the tree. These are a healthy to eat because these carry the lots of nutrients in them. As per their seasonal availability it is easy to choose the fruits according to the budget. These do not require any cooking and preparation activities. Fruits are easy to consume and digest.


APPLES: you might have heard about the popular saying about the apple that “an APPLE in a day keeps a DOCTOR away”. This is because of the beneficial properties of the apple. As it is rich in fibers, vitamin-C and cancer fighting antioxidants. It also prevents the development of asthma and diabetes. This also acts as the natural mouth freshener and cleans teeth with every bite.
COST: well the cost of apple depends upon the variety. It may go from$0.50 to $0.75 per apple.

BANANA: Bananas are the favorite fruits of monkeys. But why do they like so much to banana. This is because of the benefits which banana provides to the health. These are rich in carbohydrates, dietary fibers and potassium. An average proteins and low fats are also present in them. These provide the relief from the hangover, blood pressure, depression, etc and also aid the digestion.
COST: $0.20 to $0.50 per banana. These too are available in the market as per their availability.


ORANGES: This citrus fruit is available seasonally. It is well known for its high vitamin-c concentration. This is also filled with a good amount of the fiber, folate and potassium. It aids in building up the immune response of the body, prevents ageing, keeps blood pressure under check and also helps in the formation of blood.
COST: This citrus cost about $0.50 per piece, and you may also enjoy the family sized pack worth $1 per pound.

oranges VEGETABLES: A variety of vegetables adds a variety of tastes in the life. Due to the variety of tastes some are become most hated one and some becomes the favorite ones. Vegetables are necessary in our regular food diet because these carries the essential nutrients in them and a lowest fat content makes them to consume without fear. These are good for the digestive system and green vegetables always add an improvement in the health profile.


SPINACH: It is a green vegetable and is available in natural as well as in canned food options. These are rich in vitamin k, vitamin-A and calcium. The richness of iron also makes its favorite for the people who want a healthy diet. As it is a green colored vegetable so it is very helpful for the eye sight. The persons freak of vegetable soups can add this one also.
COST: $0.05 costs for per cup and a bush may reached up to the $2.


SWEET POTATO: Those who want to enjoy the sweetness in their food then the sweet potato is the best substitute for them. These are present in dark and light colored varieties. These are rich in manganese, folate, iron, copper, vitamins and biotin. Benefits of the sweet potato include the prevention from the heart attack, stress, maintenance of skin, etc.
COST: $0.50 each and $1 for per pound.

Sweet potato varieties shot in the studio for Don Labonte

GARLIC: Garlic is available in the bulbs form. These are filled with the antioxidants, anti bacterial, antiviral and anti fungal properties. This is not only known to add he taste in the cuisine but also known for the medicinal values. It has a preventive phenomenon from the skin infections, blood pressure, cancer, toothache, respiratory problems, etc.
COST: this little size veggie costs too little about $0.30 per bulb. garlic

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