10 Fascinating Health Benefits of Cucumber

Cucumber is a very healthy and light fruit. Actually cucumber is preferred by the people of all age. Cucumbers don’t have any side effects and it doesn’t make any harm to a human body. Do you have any idea that cucumber is the fourth most cultivated fruit all over the world? It is said that cucumber is a cool fruit and if eaten keeps a body cool in extreme summer. It has been proved that the inner part of a cucumber always remain 20 degree less than the outer surface or temperature. It is one of the fruit that good for your overall health. So add cucumber from today in your daily recipe to keep yourself healthier in natural way. Here are some beneficial sides of cucumber mentioned below. Read out to get some amazing health related information related to this fruit.

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Fascinating Health Benefits of Cucumber:

1. Rehydrates body: Cucumbers are 95% water. So having cucumber increases the water level in our body and as a result the body gets hydrated. Cucumbers also consist of all the essential vitamins our body needs in a regular life. The upper coating or the upper skin shouldn’t be peeled off while eating because it contains a huge amount of vitamin C.

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2. Reduces risk of cancer: All of we know that Cancer is a very dangerous and dreadful disease prevailing in the modern world. Cucumbers can protect you from such diseases. Research says that Lariciresinol, Pinoresinol and Secoisolariciresinol are three substances which are proved to reduce the risk of some types of cancers in human and cucumber contains this three Lignans which are very useful for us.

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3. Gives relief from bad breath: Phytochemical is one of the important substances in cucumber which helps to removes bad smell coming from the mouth. Eat a slice of cucumber and keep it pressed on your upper roof of your mouth for 30seconds with the help of tongue. Not chew and swallow the piece of cucumber. The Phytochemicals present in Cucumber kills all the bacterias responsible for the bad smell in your mouth.

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4. Relief from Joint Pain and Arthritis: cucumber is regarded as one of best remedial food for arthritis and joint pains. It contains Silica which is said to strengthen the connective tissues. Also it contains various vitamins like A, B1, B6, C & D and also chemical substances like Folate, Calcium, Magnesium, and Potassium. This all the substances mix to reduce Uric Acid levels in our body.

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5. Good aid for Digestion and Weight Loss: As cucumber is 95% percent water people with extra fat can have it as a diet. And no need to worry as it contains dietary fiber so it serves well as a food. As cucumbers don’t contain any calorie. Again it aids in digestion because the fibers of cucumber helps to remove the toxins from digestive system. It also serves good in case of constipation if consumed regularly.

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6. Controls Blood Pressure and reduces Diabetes: Magnesium, Potassium and fiber present in cumber helps in controlling both high and low blood pressure. And if cucumber juice is consumed then it contains a hormone which helps pancreas in producing Insulin. And if the Insulin production increases automatically the diabetes level will reduce.

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7. Reduces Cholesterol levels: Cucumber contains Sterols which regulates the cholesterol levels in our body. According to research it reduces 10% cholesterol from our body.


8. Skin and Hair Care: It is a great element for hair growth. Actually it contains Silicon and Sulphur which improves hair growth. A cucumber slice if rubbed in a skin the juice coming out from the cucumber vitalizes your skin.

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9. Cures Hangover: Sometimes overnight hangover and headache irritates us. To prevent such irritation eat few slices of cucumber before going to bed, it will prevent you from morning hangover because it contains electrolytes, B Vitamins and sugar.

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10. Home Care: Apart from our body cucumbers can also be used in many other homely purposes. It is very hard to believe that if you rub a cucumber along the hinge of your door it will stop making noise. And while taking shower you will notice that the mirror of your bathroom is getting foggy and hazy. So before taking bath rub a slice of cucumber in the whole mirror you will see no such haziness will occur.

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