How to Cure Boils Using Home Remedies

Boils are very common skin infection among humans. Actually the infection occurs below skin but it forms a swollen circular formation. Boils are of many types according to medical science. It can be Cystic acne, Furuncle, Carbuncle, Pilondial Cyst and many other types. Usually the boils are filled up of infected liquid known as ‘Pus’. After you see a boil growing at first you can start treating with some mind blowing home remedies. Yes there are many ingredients available at your home which can cure your boil. These ingredients speed up the healing process and relieve you from pain. The main process to heal your boil is to make it soft so that the liquid inside it drains out. So, let’s discuss about top ten processes to heal your boil at home.

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Home Remedies to Cure Boils:

1. Onion: Onion contains some antimicrobial substance in it that helps in healing boils in humans. Cut an onion into thick slice. Now take that slice and put it above your boil. You can also wrap it up with a cloth for getting better result. Actually the heat generated from onion softens your boil. Repeat the boil for two to three times a day.

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2. Cumin Seeds: Cumin seeds are one of the best boil healers. Take two or three tablespoons of cumin seeds and immerse it in water for an hour. After an hour pick the cumin seeds from water and make a smooth paste of it. Apply the paste above your boil. Try this for at least once a day.

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3. Indian Lilac: Lilac is very famous for making medicines. It is also known as Neem in India. It is antiseptic, anti bacterial and antimicrobial. And specially a great medicine for skin problems. There are two processes you can try to heal with Indian lilac the first one is take a bunch of Indian Lilac leaves and make it a smooth paste. After that apply it above the boil and keep for 2-3 hours. Another one is you can take a bunch of leaves and boil it in water. Take out the leaves from water and apply the water above your boil.

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4. Sandalwood: Sandalwood is one of the best substances for skin treatment according to Ayurveda. You have to make sandal paste by rubbing sandal wood in a stone. Now apply the paste around your boil and also over the boil. It you will give you relief from irritation caused by boil.

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5. Turmeric: Turmeric is a very good blood purifier and also it contains anti inflammatory substances in it. For treating boils you will need 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder. There are many procedures to use turmeric among them the two most effective is you can make a paste of turmeric and ginger and apply it above your boil and another one is you can mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric into milk and drink it. You have to drink for four or five days.

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6. Bitter Gourd: You can also take bitter gourd juice to get beneficial results in boils filled with blood. Take a glass of bitter gourd juice regularly in the morning with a tablespoon of lemon juice in it. But remember to drink it in empty stomach. At least continue this for two weeks as it will not cure in a day or two.

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7. Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree oil serves good but only if applied externally. Take two or three cotton balls and soak it in tea tree oil. Now slowly rub the cotton ball above your boil. Do this for two three times daily.

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8. Vinegar and Milk Cream: Take a container and pour one teaspoon vinegar and one teaspoon milk cream and make a thick paste. You can also add a pinch of turmeric to get better result. Now apply it over the boil. It is a very effective treatment for boil.

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9. Garlic: Garlic can be used in various ways to cure boils. It is a very helpful home remedy. First of all you can take a garlic clove and heat it. Place the heated clove above the boil. Secondly take two or three cloves and make a paste. Apply that paste above boil. And lastly you can eat two garlic cloves daily morning that serves for various other diseases.

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10. Black seeds: You already know that black seeds are famous for its medicinal properties. It is very useful for various skin diseases. And so it also gives outstanding results in curing boils. Take one teaspoon of black seeds and make a paste. Apply that paste over your boil. Again if you get black seed oil, you can also apply the oil directly on the boil.

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All the above remedial measures are very helpful and work in a miraculous way. If after trying all the above process you boil doesn’t gets cured then obviously there is some serious problem and immediately you should consult an expert medical practitioner about it. Sometimes boil becomes very serious leading to chronic infections. But most of the time it gets cured by trying the above processes.


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