10 Common Treadmill Mistakes We Make

Treadmill mistakes

Treadmill is great equipment which gives you a sigh of relief when you don’t have a time for going for a walk outside. Usually it seems very easy to use a treadmill but commonly we make some mistakes unknowingly. But this may lead to some harmful effects causing injury. So you have to be very cautious while using treadmill. There is nothing to worry as this article will help you to solve out your mistakes which you make while running in a treadmill. Read out the full article to know about the solutions of your problems.

Common Mistakes we make while using Treadmill:

1. Looking at your feet: While walking or running in a treadmill don’t ever look at your feet. You may lose your balance in this situation and even it may cause some small back injuries. So always look straight and keep your body free and not tight.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make1

2. Sticking with a same routine: It will be very comfortable for you to go with a same workout routine for a long time. Actually your body becomes used to that amount of workout and will affect less. So try to change the workout routine every month to increase your calorie burning process.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make2

3. You slap your feet: Never drop your feet straight or flat on the treadmill instead of that run or walk comfortably as you do it normally. Dropping your legs in a flat way may cause some severe internal injuries like muscle strains or back injury.

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4. Over Workout: If you notice some muscle soreness, excessive heart beat rate or little aches and pains in your body then surely you are doing a over workout. So you should immediately reduce your workout level. Excess amount of workout is never good for your health.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make4

5. Leaning Forward: Leaning slightly in any direction is good for your running or walking posture but never lean much in any direction as you may lose your balance resulting in dropping down which may even cause severe fractures and injuries. Always try to maintain a straight posture which is good for your whole body. If you are unable to maintain a straight posture in high speed then slowdown your treadmill speed.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make5

6. Placing your Arms: You should be very careful while placing your arms in a treadmill workout. Actually the hands should be placed by your sides while running in a high speed. Again while in a jogging speed keep your hands parallel to each other bent in a 90 degree position.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make6

7. Holding the Bars: Never try to hold the bars of the treadmill. It is a very common mistake done by most of the people. You should always balance your body without any support. Fitness experts say that while doing any workout if you support your body with anything then your body will normally reduce the amount calorie burn.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make7

8. You are on an auto-pilot mode: When you do the same exercise day after day automatically your body adapts with that workout. So you should increase the exercise level with a proper system. Slowly you may increase the time and speed. Again if you want to run longer then reduce the speed of your treadmill. Actually the main motive is not to give extra pressure to your body.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make8

9. Bad Strides: Running on a treadmill is quite different from running in road. So when people are new to a treadmill they feel very nervous and hence results in shorter strides. You should be very careful to that as t may lead to severe injuries. You should always go with a comfortable stride at first then slowly when you will adapt with the process then increase all the levels. And also figure out a comfortable stride. Then try to maintain that stride whenever you run. Big strides are really dangerous.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make9

10. Wearing wrong shoes: Always choose the shoes which are ideal for you. Never use one which is uncomfortable and not in your size. Select shoes with extra padding in the soles to protect your heels and foot bones.

10 Common Treadmill Mistakes we make10

After all treadmills are now the daily partners of people who don’t have time to spend on a walk outside. So being common equipment in most of the houses, we should have a clear idea about how to use it. After reading this article we think that you have now got your mistakes and the solutions to overcome them. Have a happy workout and stay fit and healthy.


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