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Ten Awkward Health Issues That You Will Hesitate To Tell Your Doctor

Ten Awkward Health Issues That You Will Hesitate To Tell Your Doctor

As we all know, going to see your doctor can be an awkward thing for most of us in most cases as the doctor is privy to your body. It is bound to make you feel a bit embarrassed about the situation in any case. However, there are some weird health conditions that will make

Is It Possible To Boost Your Happiness Quotient?

Being happy and happiness is something that many researchers are taking really seriously. It has been proven by many studies that it is possible for one to control how happy they feel. A happiness researcher and psychology professor, Sonja Lyubomirsky has written that genealogy is responsible for as much as fifty percent of your happiness.


Talking with babies from birth onward is a priceless gift that enriches their brain development, their ability to learn, and their power in using language. The throaty vocal sounds produced by young babies are called ‘Coos’. Months before babies start to speak; words play an important role in their brain development. Even at the age

How to Read Lines and Wrinkles: What are they Telling

FACE: A face express of your whole body, which reveals about your • Nature and behavior like politeness, rudeness etc. • Character like honesty, intelligence, reliability etc. • Health How healthy you are externally as well as internally • Age, mind and emotions. LINES AND WRINKLES: lines and wrinkles are mainly the creases, folds or

Prepare Your Daughter For Her First Period – Find Out How?

If you ask any woman about whether she remembers the first period she got, the answer is likely to be yes. She would remember everything about that day. It can be a scary and unsettling experience for any girl to feel the cramps in her mid area and for the feeling of first flow of