4 Best Herbs That Are Antiviral And How To Put It To Use

This time of the year is the time that weather is changing and this means that viruses flourish and cause issues like fever, irritation, coughs and colds. When we are dealing with these problems you should know that bacteria and virus are different things and should be dealt with in different ways and that is why having an antibiotic will not affect viruses. Nevertheless you do not have to despair; there are some herbs that will help in this regard.

Herbs are natural and this means they are safer and milder antidote to your viral problems and they are good for you too. You will get relief and feel better using these herbs. The only thing you need to know is the correct way to use them.

We Give You Some Herbs That Are Found In Most Households For You To Deal With Viral Infections.

anti viral herbs ginger

Ginger: From time past, ginger has been recognized as a herb that warms the body and keeps the tummy from becoming cold and is pretty effective in keeping the sensation of wanting to throw up down. What is more, ginger is also good for keeping the viruses away. It helps in keeping away and also treating colds, coughs, strep throats etc. It is very easy to use ginger.

anti viral herbs ginger tea

Learn to use ginger: Make a tea with ginger and this is one of the simplest and most effective ways to consume ginger. Just boil ginger in water and add honey to make a warm and soothing drink. The addition of honey also helps in keeping germs away. If you want, you can also add tea leaves to this mix and drink it as proper ginger flavored tea.

anti viral herbs ginger candy

Eat ginger candy: Simply chop up peeled and washed ginger and candy them in sugar syrup and let the pieces dry out in the sun. You will find it easier to carry these pieces with you and have the ginger whenever you feel like it and kids also find it easier to have ginger this way.

anti viiral herbs garlic

Garlic: Garlic is a powerhouse when it comes to health benefits. It also helps many a meal come to life with the addition of flavor to them. That apart, garlic has antiviral properties that work when used internally as well as externally. Apart from being antiviral, garlic is also antifungal and has antibacterial qualities.

Learn to use garlic: This is a really cheap and easy to get herb that can be used in many ways. You can simply chew on a couple of cloves first thing in the morning so that it can start working its magic on the tummy. You can also add garlic to food that you cook and as well as foods like salads that are eaten raw. It is good to taste and also packs a healing punch to keep infections away.

anti viral herbs elderberries

Elderberry: Also called Sambucus Nigra this herb is black colored and is good forfighting the virus that causes flu. This herb also has qualities that keep increasing in living cells and helps in recovering faster. It has quercetin among other flavonoids and also many healing properties. It also contains antioxidants that are so powerful that they ensure no more damage happens on cells. It has been proven in recent research that it is effective in even fighting HIV.

Learn to use Elderberry: You will find that the best way to consume the herb extracts in teas and infusions. You cannot simply pluck this herb from your garden and use it. You will need to boil the black and ripe berries on this tree in some water and consume it as is or add some flavors like honey etc to it. You can also eat the supplements to get the benefits of the herb.

anti viral herbs green tea

Green Tea: This is a great herb when it comes to fighting viral infections and has been used in the orient for many things like losing weight as well as other health benefits. Green tea has catechins which is part of the many flavonoids that it has. They are good for fighting viral and they do it by binding haemagglutinin and stopping the virus from gaining entry to the cell. The extracts of green tea can help in fighting many infections.

anti herbal herbs green tea ice cream 2

Learn to use green tea: The simplest and best way to consume this is by making a light tea out of green tea leaves. This infusion can be drunk without anything added. It is also possible to have green tea in a colder form if that is what you like. Some people have also started using green tea to flavor their food so you will find that some places offer green tea icecream or extract of green tea being added to some foods like salads etc. It is a great thing to have additional options to have green tea.

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