30 Best Health and Fitness Apps

We are a generation of people that love and adore our phones. We use them for a lot of things like communication, music, entertainment, shopping and even clicking pictures. Now you can even use your phone to stay fit with the help of some great mobile applications. Here is a list of applications that are good and well rated.

Gympact: When you put in money, you will find it much tougher not to work out. This application will tie up your working out with a money based incentive.


Pumping Weight: Weight training is not easy and this application will keep track of your workouts simply with a great interface.



Cody: This is a cool way to record that you have worked out and share this with pals. You can keep track of the program based on timings, statistics and highlights. You can also get guidance from the virtual fitness coach.



Teemo: This turns working out into play by letting you invite pals to a virtual challenge at a specific place like a jungle or mountain. Then people who participate get to work out and win based on exercises approved by experts.



Sportaneous: You can locate and book classes for fitness easily no matter what you are looking for.



FitnessFast: You need not carry your fitness records, instead this application will let you log in details of exercises, statistics, sleep and other details.



StrongLifts “5×5”: You can use this application to record the workouts that you do and chart out the ultimate fitness levels that you want to achieve.



GAIN Fitness Cross Traine: If you want a personal trainer but find it to pricey then this application will help you in this regard. You can feed in your fitness goal and preferences and get complete guidance.



FitnessBuilder: It has over 5000 exercises and over 800 workouts and also offers you to get in touch with a personal trainer making it an absolute fitness tool.



DailyBurn: Get a workout on to your phone or desktop that will help you workout based on the guidance and inputs from fitness gurus.



Tracking and Analytics: You can keep track of intake based on calories and the calories burned through exercises.



Moves: This helps you keep tabs on the moves you make though out the day even accounting for cycling



Fitocracy: You can share the exercise programs and the progress you have made on this platform for fitness fanatics.



Nike Training Club: You can decide on the goal of fitness that you want along with your current level and this app will choose from over 100 programs to get you the quickest one for you.



Endomondo:  This is a GPS system that can be used to track walks, runs or biking



Everest: You can use this application to set goals and get over hurdles. If the goal is losing weight or anything else you will get tips and encouragement from others to do this.



 StravaWhat It Is: You can use this to track rides you take on bikes or running easily




UP: On a holistic way to becoming healthy this one will track your movements and your rest periods. You can also enter data on food consumed to ensure full information




Fooducate: This one will let you find out what the labels on food items mean and help make better decisions for your food choices




Eat Local: You can use this application to find out what is best available in the local market in the current season to make better food choices




Epicurious: You can get access to great recipes and save the ones you want. Later shop for the ingredients by putting them on the list



ShopWell: Put together a much healthier list of foods and this application helps by ranking the food items on the list on how healthy they are



Harvest: If you are confused about the things in the vegetables and fruits section, this one will offer tips buying the best and the most organic. It will even guide you on the proper cleaning




Locavore: It will help find the nearest markets offering fresh, local and seasonal food and also how to cook or store it




Foodily: You can collect the recipes you want and discuss them with friends.



Thryve: It helps track the food that you have consumed and is great for people who hate counting calories




Instagram: You can share the foods that you have eaten and prepared using this application




Zipongo: It is about eating better and will show where to get the best things for your health at a good rate, a plan for your meals and a healthier reward system



Gratitude Journal: You can use this as a journal to keep track of things that you are happy about and helps improve attitude




Calm: It is designed to calm people down and bring peace using a 7 step program that will help them.



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