10 Benefits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair

Coconut milk is a very common food ingredient in Southeast Asia. Due to its thick consistency it is often used as a substitute of milk. But the main factor is that very few of us know about the other benefits of coconut milk. Actually coconut milk contains lots of vitamins like Vitamin B1, B3, B5, B6, C and E and a lot of minerals like magnesium, selenium, iron and phosphorus. So it is now proved to you that it is healthy enough for human health. But the question arises about how to use it. Firstly you should know that coconut milk is of different type which is classified according to its thickness. Very thick coconut milk contains about 20-22% fat and thin coconut milk contains 5-7% of fat. But this all are saturated fats. Again those who are allergic to animal milk may consume it as a substitute. But now here we will discuss about how coconut milk works great for your skin and hair.

Benefits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair:

1. Treatment of Sunburns: Coconut milk serves great for sunburns. For that you have take a thin coconut milk which you will apply to the sunburn area. Remember to refrigerate the milk for sometime before applying it. For getting better results apply it before sleeping at night. After all it works great with burns and rashes.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair1

2. Treatment of Skin Ailments: Coconut milk contains a lot of moisturizing properties which helps in the treatment of different types of skin ailments like dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis etc. The most important thing is that it contains a lot of natural fatty acids which helps in removing bacteria from the affected area and helps in treating dry and irritated skins.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair2

3. Anti-ageing Benefits: If you are suffering from anti-ageing problems then coconut milk is the best option for you obviously. You can either consume or apply over your skin to get some relief. It contains copper and vitamin C which are very helpful in maintaining flexibility and elasticity of skin and blood vessels.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair3

4. Make-up Remover: Using a lot of make-ups? So now obviously you are using some alcoholic chemicals to remove those make-ups. But there is a great natural substitute for you. Mix Coconut milk and cow milk in a ratio of 1:2. Use it as your make-up removal solution. So why you will use chemical substances when you are getting such a natural substitute.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair4

5. Moisturizer: Now you can make your own natural moisturizer at home. Take a bowl of coconut milk, add 2-3 teaspoon of rose water in it. If possible add some rose petals in it. Now apply this natural solution all over your body to avoid dehydration of skin. Surely after a month or so you are going to get smooth and glowing skin.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair5

6. Nourishes the Hair: Like skin coconut milk is also a great medicine for your hair. Apply coconut milk all over your hair from root to tip. Massage the scalp for 5-10 minutes and they leave for sometime before bath. Now after half an hour thoroughly shampoo your hair. Actually it stimulates your hair and works great for damaged or weakened hairs.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair6

7. Using as a Conditioner: It serves great as a natural conditioner for hair. You can apply it to your hair by mixing it with a shampoo or you can also apply it to your dry hair after a bath. Surely it’s going to give you a long and thick healthy hair.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair7

8. Prevents Balding: If you are suffering from balding, then here is a great remedial solution for you. Take a bowl of water and add some amount of camphor in it. Add half cup of coconut milk and mix it nicely. Then apply it to your scalp and leave it for some hours. Massage it nicely for some better results. Rinse it off after some time with hot water. And leave it to get removed naturally.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair8

9. Hair Detangler: If you have a lot of tangles on your hair then use to apply coconut milk on your hair while combing. This will remove all your tangles from the hair resulting in a smooth hair.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair9

10. Hair Mask: Coconut milk contains a lot of lauric acid and saturated fatty acid which is commonly found in Breast Milk. So it can be easily used as an anti-bacterial element and to stop protein loss. So it can be easily used as a Hair Mask. Mix Banana, tablespoon of honey and some strawberry pieces to get outstanding results.

10 Benifits of Coconut Milk for Skin and Hair10

But after all these things you should be very careful while using coconut milk if you are very prone to allergies. And as coconut milk contains a lot of fats so while consuming it you should keep in mind about the weight gain. A cup of coconut milk contains about 445 kcal. It may also increase your cholesterol levels. So these are some of the information you should be sure about before using coconut milk.


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