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5 Minutes to Bouncy Gym Hairs

It becomes very difficult to manage regular shampooing to hairs after gym, when you are having an office timing ready ahead. Because it takes lots of time to wash hairs and to get rid of the sweat on the scalp. There are some of the preparations which can help to you get rid of the

10 Healthist Drink Recipes

Drinks are the easiest recipes for the quick boost in energy. The healthy drinks always contain a strong power to full fill body with the essential nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. Drinks are also capable of making the body immune from the infections, allergies and illness. Here are some of the seasonal and non seasonal healthy

10 Healthy After School Snack Ideas

School days are the days to grow, to learn, to play and are full of fun. So these growing days need proper nutrition during the meals so that your child can develop perfectly. In this stage of life all the nutrients, vitamins and a lot of energy becomes necessary for a growing child. So the

5 Types of Belly Fat and How to Reduce Them

Many of times we think that why do some people are having body structure that every dress suits on them. Is this some inherited character or something else. A healthy outlook is the key reason for a suitable outfit. A healthy body depends upon the consumption of the healthy food which  is easy for the

17 Germiest Places You Should be Cleaning

GERMS: As we know that micro organisms are presents at every place on the earth`s environment. Some of them are harmful while some are beneficial for us. So those microbes which are harmful to us and may cause disease to our body are known as germs and these include the various bacteria, fungi and viruses.

15 Health Foods Under $1

A frequent change in the mood can easily be obtained by a delicious food. But some time the deliciousness of the food becomes too heavy that it lowers down the mood, if the cost of the food becomes high. It is one of the major reasons behind the nutritional insufficiency among the people. As due


Talking with babies from birth onward is a priceless gift that enriches their brain development, their ability to learn, and their power in using language. The throaty vocal sounds produced by young babies are called ‘Coos’. Months before babies start to speak; words play an important role in their brain development. Even at the age

How to Read Lines and Wrinkles: What are they Telling

FACE: A face express of your whole body, which reveals about your • Nature and behavior like politeness, rudeness etc. • Character like honesty, intelligence, reliability etc. • Health How healthy you are externally as well as internally • Age, mind and emotions. LINES AND WRINKLES: lines and wrinkles are mainly the creases, folds or